Freshwater Fishing in Tidewater Virginia:

March Report

As the winter chill begins to wane and the waters of Tidewater Virginia start to warm, March heralds the onset of an exciting season for freshwater anglers. This time of the year is particularly thrilling as a variety of fish become more active and available. Here’s what you can expect to be biting in the bounteous rivers and lakes of this angler’s paradise.

Largemouth Bass

The largemouth bass is a perennial favorite among fishermen, and March is an excellent time to catch them. As the water temperatures rise, bass move towards shallow water for spawning, making them more accessible. Look for them in areas with submerged structures or vegetation where they like to hide.


Known for their spirited fight, crappie are a joy to catch during the spring spawn. They start moving to shallower water when temperatures reach about 50 degrees. Jigs and minnows are effective baits for enticing these panfish, especially around brush piles and docks.


Channel catfish and flatheads are active in March, with the warming waters stimulating their appetite. Night fishing can be particularly productive. Use baits with a strong odor, such as chicken liver or cut bait, to attract these whiskered warriors.

Yellow Perch

Yellow perch are another species that becomes more active as spring approaches. They can often be found in schools, so once you catch one, there are likely more nearby. Small minnows or worms can be effective bait for these tasty fish.

Fishing Tips

  • Pay attention to water temperature, as it greatly affects fish behavior.
  • Early morning or late afternoon are often the best times to fish.
  • Use lighter tackle during the spawn to avoid spooking the fish.
  • Check local fishing reports for the most up-to-date information on what’s biting.

Remember to always check the local regulations before heading out, as they may change seasonally and are essential for maintaining sustainable fish populations. Happy fishing, and may your lines be tight this March in Tidewater Virginia!

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