Fishing Report.

Weekly Fishing Insights – 05-17-2024

Welcome to our vibrant Fish Whisper community’s weekly fishing insights! With water temperatures creating ideal conditions in the high 60s, our angling friends have been reeling in some impressive catches. Let’s dive into this week’s detailed fishing report from our favorite spots:

James River Pier

Anglers at James River Pier have been greeted by a bustling underwater world, with croakers and roundheads making a frequent appearance. The spot, and trout have been a delightful catch, showcasing their vibrant colors against the shimmering water surface. Notably, the elusive flounder have been making a splash alongside their drum counterparts, with both red and black varieties being caught. The pier has been a symphony of fishing lines and excitement, with each catch telling its own story of the river’s abundance.

Ocean View Pier

The Ocean View Pier has been a theatre of the sea lately, with the dramatic entrance and exit of Spanish mackerel and blues. The red and black drum have been playing hide and seek, providing anglers with both challenges and triumphs. The flounder have been found gliding along the flats, with a few noteworthy catches that have become the talk of the pier. The pier’s atmosphere has been charged with anticipation, as each angler hopes for that next big catch.

James T Wilson Pier

At the James T Wilson Pier, the cobia have been putting on a show, reminding us that while they can’t be kept until June 15th, the thrill of the catch is a reward in itself. Doug Terry’s success with the Spanish mackerel this week has been inspiring, showcasing the pier’s diversity. The flounder have been a consistent presence, with a few standouts that have raised eyebrows. For those who favor the nocturnal dance of blues and trout, the night time under the pier’s lights has been the place to be. While the drum have been more elusive, the few that have been caught have only added to the pier’s legendary status.

Fort Monroe Piers

The Fort Monroe Piers have become a stronghold for those pursuing the spirited blues and Spanish mackerel. The spot croaker have been a steady catch, while the rocks have remained a hotspot for drum enthusiasts, with the speckled trout joining the mix and adding to the excitement. The community spirit is palpable here, as shared stories of the day’s triumphs echo off the water.

As we reflect on this week’s fishing adventures, we’re reminded of the connection we share with the water and its inhabitants. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, there’s always something new to discover and a story to be told. Join us next week for more updates, and until then, keep casting and sharing your passion for fishing.

Remember, “Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught.” Share and watch fishing adventures on our Video Library, and join the conversation on our Message Board. Until next time, may your lines be tight and your stories grand!


This Week’s Fishing Report

Welcome to this week’s fishing report. As the water temperatures hover in the high 60s, the fishing scene is bustling with activity. Here’s the catch from various locations:

  • James River Pier: Small croakers, roundheads, and spot have been the talk of the town, with impressive black and red drum sightings. Big rays and skates are making a splash, and the trout are teasing anglers with their presence. Flounder sightings are on the rise, hinting at bigger catches to come.
  • Ocean View Pier: Mirroring James River Pier, anglers are reeling in small croakers and roundheads, with flounder making a shy appearance. Beachside, the blues and Spanish mackerel drum are stealing the show.
  • James River Pier: A similar story with an exciting twist of occasional striper catches. The black drum are making a memorable impact alongside their red/puppy drum cousins.
  • Fort Monroe Piers: A familiar scene with a notable uptick in blues and early morning Spanish Mackerel action. The rocks remain a hotspot for drum enthusiasts, with speckled trout also joining the fray.
Have a great weekend and remember, tight lines! Tj, and Joey are gearing up to bring you reports from the piers they’ll be fishing next week. Note: For our Facebook group followers, Tj’s insightful articles will no longer be published due to new group rules. But fret not, you can catch them for free on our message board at Thank you for being a part of our fishing family at, where every cast strengthens our connection. Amie

Welcome to the Weekly Fishing Report – Fish Whisper Style! 05-03-2024

Anglers, get ready for the latest scoop on where the fish are biting! Dive into our community-driven update and see what’s been reeled in at your favorite spots. Remember, it’s not just about the catch; it’s about the adventure and the stories we create together. Let’s cast a line into this week’s highlights:

Ocean View Pier – A Bounty of Blues

Our Ocean View Pier is teeming with activity! Here’s what our fellow Fish Whisperers have caught:

  • Chopper Blues: Making a splash with their size and fight.
  • Spot: These little fighters are plentiful.
  • Croakers: The steady rhythm of Croakers keeps us company.
  • Drum: The beat goes on with both small and large catches.
  • Roundheads: A common sight on the line.
  • Stingrays: Watch out for these gentle giants gliding through.

James T Wilson Pier – Challenges and Triumphs

Wind and waves can’t keep a good angler down at James T Wilson Pier:

  • Drum Schools: A few lucky anglers have joined the drum circle.
  • Thread Fins: Delicate yet determined, these catches are a delight.
  • Occasional Stripers: A surprise guest that always excites.
  • Stingray Shenanigans: The challenge is real, but so is the fun.

Willoughby off Harbor – A Mixed Bag

From small fries to big catches, Willoughby off Harbor has it all:

  • Blues: Both small and big, they’re making waves.
  • Speckled Trout: A speck-tacular sight for any angler.
  • Flounder: Flatties are making a flat-out fabulous show.

James River Pier – The Drum Roll Continues

It’s a drum fest out here, with a mix of other species to keep things interesting:

  • Drum Duets: Black and red, a harmonious catch.
  • Croaker Choir: Their calls echo along the river.
  • Catfish: Always a curious catch to add to the mix.
  • Striper Surprises: The occasional thrill that keeps us coming back for more.

That’s the latest from the docks, folks! Keep sharing your stories and catches with us. Until next week, tight lines and good times!

Fishing Report April 26 2024

  • Ocean View: Rick at the bait shop reports roundheads, croaker, and skates. Anglers are finding success using live bait and light tackle, especially during the early morning hours. Remember to handle your catch with care and respect the marine life.
  • James T. Wilson Pier: Roundhead during the week; drum nice keepers. With the fronts coming in every 2 to 3 days, water temperatures have dropped to 57. Higher air temperatures (80’s) forecasted for the weekend and next week should boost fishing activity. We recommend using cut bait for the drum and paying attention to local regulations to ensure sustainable fishing practices.
  • Wade Fishing Hot Spots: The flats off Factory Point should be a hot spot for wade fishermen. Look for signs of fish activity such as birds diving or fish surfacing. Soft plastics can be particularly effective in these areas. As always, be mindful of the environment and follow catch-and-release guidelines when appropriate.
  • Willoughby off Hrbt: Producing small blues and drum, with speckled trout also in the mix. Local anglers suggest using topwater lures during dawn and dusk for the best action. Keep an eye on the tide charts and plan your trips accordingly to maximize your chances of a successful outing.
  • James River Pier: Small drum, croaker, roundheads, and catfish being caught. The community has noted an increase in activity around the pier, making it a great time to join fellow anglers and share your fishing stories.

Fish Whisper’s Extended Fishing Report – April 19th

As the water temperatures gently climb into the high 50’s and low 60’s, our fishing community buzzes with excitement. Reports have been sailing in about a diverse catch from our local piers, with anglers reeling in croakers, roundheads, skates, rays, and catfish. With the warmth of spring coaxing life beneath the waves, we’re all holding our breath for the bounty that the upcoming week promises.

At James T. Wilson Pier, the dance of small croakers and roundheads continues, with occasional appearances by small stripers, rays, and skates. Although the trout and drum seem to be playing hide and seek with us this week, the anticipation in the air is as palpable as the salty breeze.

Over at Ocean View Pier, it’s a similar story with croakers and roundheads leading the aquatic parade. Although the size may be modest, the spirit of the catch is anything but. It’s a testament to the joy of fishing – every tug on the line is a new story in the making.

Meanwhile, the James River Pier has been singing the catfish blues. Anglers there have been drawing in catfish after catfish, a testament to the river’s rich and nurturing waters. For those looking to hook these whiskered warriors, patience and the right bait are your best friends.

Tips from the Tackle Box

For those casting lines at James T. Wilson Pier, consider lighter tackle to match the smaller fish currently biting. A gentle touch and a keen eye for the subtle nibbles will serve you well.

At Ocean View Pier, timing your visit with the tidal movements could give you an edge. The changing tides often stir the waters and bring the fish closer to the shore, eager to feed.

And for our catfish chasers at James River Pier, don’t shy away from experimenting with different baits. Catfish are known for their varied palate, and sometimes the most unusual concoctions can yield the most delightful surprises.

As always, we at Fish Whisper celebrate each catch and the story it tells. Whether it’s a first-time fisher or a seasoned pro, every experience is a thread in the vibrant tapestry of our community.

Fishing Report – A Week of Challenges and Anticipation

Date: April 12, 2024

Dear Fish Whisper Community,

It’s been a trying week for us at Fish Whisper with unexpected health concerns and a harrowing car accident. However, our spirits remain unshaken, and our commitment to bringing you accurate and trustworthy fishing reports stands stronger than ever.

While we were unable to personally verify the conditions at our local piers, we’ve gathered some insights from our reliable contacts. At James T. Wilson Pier, there have been whispers of croaker making an appearance alongside the usual skates, though the trout and drum seem to be playing hide and seek.

Over at Ocean View, the word is that skates and rays are the main actors on stage. Meanwhile, the James River is putting on a show with a few stripers and a strong cast of catfish.

Despite these setbacks, we’re excited about the week ahead. The water is warming, and with the air following suit, we’re on the cusp of what could be a fantastic fishing frenzy. So, keep your tackle ready and your spirits high!

Here are a few tips to make the most of the upcoming conditions:

  • Check your gear: Make sure your lines are strong and your hooks are sharp.
  • Stay informed: Keep an eye on the weather and water temperature trends.
  • Share your stories: We may not have been out there this week, but we’d love to hear your tales of the one that didn’t get away.

As always, we encourage you to bridge the communication gap between fish and fish enthusiasts. Share your insights and adventures on our platform, and remember, nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught.

Until we can provide you with first-hand reports again, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your understanding and support. Let’s look forward to an optimistic week of fishing ahead!

Tight lines and calm seas,

The Fish Whisper Team

April 5, 2024 Fishing Report

Weekly Fishing Round-Up: Catch the Latest!

James T Wilson Pier

Good news, anglers! The James T Wilson Pier is back in action. A 24-inch Speckled Trout was the star of the show, and our very own Brian also had a successful day out. Drum sightings were aplenty, though they played hard to get.

James River Pier

Stirred waters made for an interesting week at the James River Pier. While the Cat Fish were the only ones eager to bite amidst the rains and winds, we’re hopeful for a diverse catch in the days to come.

Ocean View Pier

Consistency is key at Ocean View Pier, where Skates and Dogfish remain the regulars. But don’t let that fool you – a few Trout made a surprise visit, braving the rain and wind to say hello.

Elizabeth River

Trout and Drum are making waves in the Elizabeth River, with the bite turning red-hot whenever the weather decides to play nice. It’s a fiery fishing frenzy when conditions align!

Remember, folks, “Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught.” Share your near-catches and triumphs on our Message Board and join the community conversation. Until next time, keep casting and stay whispering!

March 28, 2024 Fishing Report

Welcome to this week’s fishing report. As the water temperatures have dropped a few degrees from the recent cold front, the fish are playing coy—unless you’re at the Elizabeth River, that is.

Local Fishing Updates

James River Pier

The recent rains and winds have stirred the waters, and only the hardiest of anglers have reported a catch—mostly catfish, which seem to be the only ones braving the currents.

Ocean View Pier

Skates and dogfish continue to be the mainstay here. It’s a test of patience and perseverance for those fishing these waters.

Elizabeth River

Anglers here are finding moderate success with puppy drum and the occasional trout. It’s a reminder that even in quieter times, the river still holds treasures for those who seek them.

Weather Watch

With another significant storm on the horizon, bringing gusts of up to 45 mph and an expected 3 to 4 inches of rain, safety should be your top priority. For those venturing out, please take all necessary precautions.

Spring Fishing Outlook

Spring has indeed sprung, and with it comes the promise of bountiful catches. We’re all waiting for the perfect alignment of weather, water temperatures, and fish activity. Soon, we’ll be living the dream with tight lines and stories to share.

Fishing Tips

As we anticipate better conditions, here are some tips to keep in mind. Remember, it’s not just about the catch, but the experience and connection with nature. Respectful of other anglers, the fish, and the environment, let’s make every fishing trip memorable.

March 22 2024 Fishing report

Welcome everyone. How exciting this spring is getting. The water temperatures dropped a few degrees from these last two cold fronts. The fish are here and they are biting.

James River Pier: still catching big and small catfish.

Ocean View Pier skates and dog fish.

Elizabeth River, and Lynnhaven been producing good catches of puppy drum, a few trout.

Nothing from Fort Monroe or green mile. We have a big storm tonight and tomorrow please if you go out stay safe. Winds could gust 50 60 mph rain 3 to 4 inches.

Spring has sprung now we need the fish the weather the water temperatures to come together and we can all get tight lines and live the dream.

Till next Friday stay safe and have a great weekend.

Amie and Tj with the rest of the Fish whisper team thank you for reading

March 15 2024

Welcome to this weeks fishing report. The waters are warming the air is warming, now we just need the bite to warm up. Good news it’s starting to warm up, and some place are hot.. like the James river pier. Lots of cats being pulled in, some huge ones at that.
Lynnhaven Has been picking up as well with trout, and drum showing up. 1 angler said “you got to retrieve your lure slow, you’ll miss a few but then hook up” The Elizabeth river still producing trout and drum.

Oceanview pier opened up on the 14th with catches being reported as skates. Let’s hope these 2 cold fronts don’t push the water temperatures back down.
No reports from the green mile pier nor the Fort Monroe piers yet. Until next weeks report I bid you a farewell.
Fishwhisper Team.

March 08 2024

Hey there, Fish Whisper community! The waters of Lower Chesapeake Bay have been bustling with activity, and we’ve got the scoop for all you anglers looking to make a splash. Let’s dive into what’s been happening:

Keep an eye on the upper tributary areas on both the western and eastern sides of the Bay.

One of the best ways to find redfish right now is to fish on warm sunny days and search for them in shallow mud bottom areas. The water in these locations tends to warm up quickly which attracts fish. Recent reports are showing that anglers are finding them as shallow as three to 10 feet of water.

Warmer days are signs of Spring arriving soon which will bring many more fishing opportunities with it. This has been a long week with lots of rain and wind. Catfish are a hit at the James River Pier.

Glad to see people over at the James having a great time fishing and catching.

Heard of some puppy drum being taken around the southern Western Shore.

This week, we’re spotlighting a few techniques that could give you the edge. For those after the elusive speckled trout, consider drift fishing with live bait. The natural movement can be irresistible to these finicky feeders. And for the bass enthusiasts, we recommend trying out some new lures. Spinnerbaits and soft plastics are showing promising results, especially near submerged structures.

As for bait, bloodworms and cut bait have been the talk of the town. But don’t overlook artificial baits; scented soft baits in particular are making waves and could be the key to your next big catch.

Tight lines and good times,

The Fish Whisper Team

March 01 2024

There hasn’t been many reports that I have found this last week. I’ve been to all the free piers and I did not see a single person out fishing. March 14th Ocean View Pier will be open can’t wait. Talking with others this week and March is a good month for puppy drums and spec’s especially in the tributes with muddy bottoms. I know from previous trips I’ve taken that tautog should start showing up when water temperatures hit around 49, 50 degrees. Atleast on the old officers pier at Fort Monroe,. Let’s all hope for a good upcoming week. Remember tight lines. Till next week see you. 

February 24 2024

Elizabeth River Fishing Report: Trout and Drum Insights for Anglers

The Elizabeth River Overview

Welcome to our comprehensive fishing report for the Elizabeth River, a prime location for anglers targeting trout and drum. Known for its diverse ecosystem and plentiful fishing spots, the Elizabeth River offers an exceptional opportunity for both novice and experienced fishermen alike.

From David Direse

We still catching them every day an night , got to work lures slow as hell , we caught over 30 last night , three 23 inch ones , there still biting good up towards locks park.

From Josh Hall

Fish are still plentiful lots and lots of fish … best advice a man one gave me Wayne seamore “if you think your fishing your bait slow fish it even slower” best trout fisherman I know.

This is the latest that I have found out. How accurate this is I can not give it a 100% accurate rate without being there myself.

Trout, Drum seem to be deep on bottom. Go out test it then write me [email protected] let me know. Remember keep your lines tight and go out to have fun.