Vims Fish Tagging


VIMS Fish Tagging: Community and Science in Harmony

Discover the Virginia Game Fish Tagging Program (VGFTP), where anglers aid marine research, a cause close to Fish Whisper’s heart. Since 1995, VGFTP has empowered fishers to tag and release fish, enhancing species conservation efforts.

Tagging’s Role in Marine Science

Angler-reported data from VGFTP shed light on fish migration and population dynamics, vital for ecosystem understanding and preservation.

Technological Advancements

VIMS employs various tagging technologies, each contributing to our knowledge of aquatic life behaviors and habitats.

Encounter with a Tagged Fish

If you catch a tagged fish, record the details and report them to VIMS, aiding in critical research

Below are pictures we have Tagged here in 2024. Please enjoy, and if you would like to comment or ask questions please do so over at our message board by following, and CLICKING THIS LINK